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Ken Doll Gone Rock Star Sparks Controversy

Mike LaChamp


Former Ken Doll, Alex Pychtin is already causing a stir with his rock band, LoveSix and their new music video “Night of the Creeps”. It was banned from YouTube for being too raunchy just days after its release. With tens of thousands of views before being pulled, LoveSixgrabbed people’s attention with their risqué edge, a departure from squeaky-clean Ken. 

Oh how times have changed for LoveSix frontman Alex Pychtin, 24 [left, Barbie, right LoveSix] Sorry Barbie, it looks like Ken may have found a new love! LoveSix, that is. Plush. Bold. Sexy. 

LoveSix is everything and anything. All encompassing, all about feeling good, so the transition between Ken & Rock Star is seamless – just add eyeliner, lose a couple of clothing layers and you’re set to go.”

“I’ve never heard anything like this. It’s very poppy but it’s also heavy and dark. Where has this band been hiding? Amazing.” – Mike Hohnen, Music Feeds.

Alex, who grew up on Sydney’s North Shore, had been developing LoveSix with bassist Louie Liuzhen, for the past few years while modeling & acting in Asia & Los Angeles. This has helped them already build a global fan base with followers from Japan to Iran,Denmark to the USA.

“Connection with the fans is just as important as the music itself.” Says Pychtin, who promotes his fans artworks on his Twitter feed to unite them as members of the #L6Pack.


“If you love Black Veil Brides, go follow @LoveSixOfficial . They’re vocals are killer!” – Katie, @Bug40165Katie , European fan


“I cannot stop listening to Night of the Creeps, believe me I may have broken the replay button on YouTube!!” – Eleanor, @hardrockfan14 , UK fan


“It’s amazing. It’s like a cross between Metallica and Nickelback” – Ali, @vanityprime1


With a passionate vocal style comparable to Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger and Black Veil Brides’ Andy Biersack, Alex’s range brings to mind a Barry White baritone.

International model/actor Alex Pychtin (Singer/songwriter), Louie Liuzhen (Bass guitar), Aron Slater (Drums) &Marco Braunn (Synths) in their music video “Night of the Creeps” that was TOO HOT for YouTube and subsequently banned. 

The Yin-Yang combination of frontman Alex Pychtin and Bassist Louie Liuzhen creates a refreshing look for the modern day Rock Star with a focus on fashion and lifestyle. Their music has a broad appeal that can sway even the most anti-rock listeners.
"The music is just one element of LoveSix. It's a lifestyle, with a focus on fashion and feeling good. As well as, the textbook rock'n'roll antics" – Antics which are prevalent in their highly controversial and sexy music video for single, "Night of the Creeps". Did we mention it got banned from Youtube?
So what are Ken's parting words to his former long-time girlfriend?
"When Barbie watches the video, I just want her to know… I'm thinking about her the entire time." Pychtin says with a wry smile.
[UPDATE: 'Night of the Creeps' has since been temporarily re-instated on YouTube, pending review following overwhelming fan support. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE]
LoveSix's new album 'Platinum', out April 14, is available for pre-order along with a limited edition merch pack @ www.LoveSixOfficial.com/Platinum spearheaded by the lustful & sultry video for 'Night of the Creeps'. Follow them on Twitter @LoveSixOfficial




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